Advanced Military Drone Revealed at Drone Trade Show

UAV drones have long been used by the United States military to perform missions previously only accomplished with manned aircraft. As drone technology has evolved, UAVs can now be used to carry out missions that weren’t previously possible.

One of the latest developments in military drone technology has been unveiled by Aeryon Defense USA at the AUVSI XPONENTIAL trade show at the Denver Colorado Convention Center.

R80D SkyRaider Multi-Mission Drone

The drone released by Aeryon Defense USA is called the R80D SkyRaider. It has been designed to carry out multiple mission types for the U.S. military and federal agencies. The drone is a vertical takeoff and landing device in the familiar quadcopter style.

Although the drone has aesthetic similarities to existing commercially available drones, the technology it offers is both unique and advanced. The drone can be used for both daytime and nighttime surveillance with high resolution onboard cameras and sensors, and it can also be modified to perform signals intelligence missions or take part in electronic warfare. Although small and lightweight, the drone could also be used to deliver smaller payloads to troops and agents deployed in the field.

Payloads up to 2kg (4.4 lbs.) will be possible in standard configuration. This could make it possible to deploy ammunition, communications equipment, or field MREs (ready to eat meals designed specifically for military usage).

The Drone Will Be Available as a Commercial UAV

Defense capabilities were developed in parallel with commercial ones, and the basic platform will be made available for a commercial release. Without the custom sensors and devices used for military applications, the drone could find use in law enforcement, public safety, or general commercial activities.

Aeryon Defense USA has stated that the base platform will provide a number of advantages to civilian companies and public safety organizations. The same avionics, communications systems, flight redundancy systems, and navigation options will be available to non-military operators. Aeryon believes that they have developed a safer and more capable drone than what is currently available commercially.

This latest military / commercial UAV reinforces the fact that innovation in the drone industry is pushed by both sectors. At the end of the day, a new drone enters the market, and all invested parties (including consumers and enthusiasts) come out as winners.

META: Aeryon Defense USA unveils a brand new drone developed closely with the U.S. Department of Defense. Both commercial and defense versions will be available.

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