Aerones Taking Drones to the Extreme with Drone Jumping and Other World Firsts

Aerones Taking Drones to the Extreme with Drone Jumping and Other World Firsts

Sometimes you can look at a drone like a DJI Phantom 4 and be outright amazed at just how far drone technology has progressed. When you look at larger drones for film and TV production, the power and maneuverability is nothing short of amazing.

So what about when you hear that a drone company in Latvia has pioneered the world’s first drone jump, drone boarding, or even drone human rescue.

The company’s name is Aerones, and they’ve been pushing drone technology to the absolute limit in recent times.

The Day You Learned that Drone Jumping is a Thing

It’s not surprising to hear that drones are being used for surveying and mapping, or even that Amazon is working towards autonomous drone deliver for smaller packages. But have you ever imagined that a drone could lift a person 330meters into the sky, and then drop them for the world’s first drone jump?

That’s exactly what Aerones has achieved, and it’s quite an impressive feat. This is not the company’s first extreme stunt, as they also pioneered drone boarding in January of this year. Much as the name suggests, the company used a drone to pull four snowboarders across a flat section of snowy ground. Think of it like kitesurfing, except with a drone and snowboards.

While most drone operators would find this type of news at least mildly interesting, some might question the purpose. While Aerones does like to make headlines with extreme news stories, their core business is actually much more serious, and there’s a reason why they can pull off stunts that require such a high amount of power from a drone.

Aerones is focused on commercial and industrial drones that will be used for heavy lifting scenarios. Lifting a person for a parachute jump and pulling snowboarders, is used strategically to illustrate just how powerful their UAVs are. The company has used drones in firefighting demonstrations, and even for search and rescue with human recovery. You’ve probably heard about police departments using drones to track criminals or locate a missing person, but until Aerones, you probably wouldn’t have believed that a drone could be used to extract a person from an area where it wouldn’t be safe or practical for rescue workers or even a helicopter to operate.

A heavy-duty drone from Aerones weighs around 55kg, has lift power of around 145kg, and an operational time of 30 minutes. That can be just enough for search and rescue, or even emergency supply delivery in hard to reach areas.

Some future goals for the company are to:

  • Develop firefighting technology to fight fires at 400ft.
  • Partner with fire brigades and search and rescue organizations.
  • Develop a cable power delivery technology for operating a drone in close proximity to a base control station.

This is definitely one company that you will want to watch, and their future developments are likely to further illustrate the true potential of drone technology.

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