United Kingdom First to Develop a Drone-Proof Jail

Drones have offered significant advantages to mapping companies, surveyors, urban explorers, military operators, and commercial and hobby photographers. However, just like many technological developments, new devices aren’t always used with the best of intentions. A number of prisons in the United Kingdom have discovered that organised crime syndicates have been using drones to smuggle contraband […]

DJI Stuns the Global UAV Market with the First 100-Megapixel Aerial Photography Device

DJI has emerged in recent years as one of the most innovative UAV developers, and their groundbreaking products have allowed the company to carve out the largest market share out of any civilian or commercial manufacturer. Innovation has been at the forefront of DJI’s success, allowing the company to appeal to both an enthusiast and […]

Drone Assist App Popularity Shows UK Drone Community’s Commitment to Safety

Safety is a major concern for enthusiasts within the drone community, the government, and civil and commercial aviation companies in the United Kingdom. While drones offer plenty to be excited about, especially with advancing technologies, there’s still an ever-present risk if the right safety measures aren’t observed or enforced. Drones have become such an important […]

DJI and Elia Locardi Set to Host Aerial Photography Workshop World Tour

Even if you’ve only just recently become a drone enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of DJI, the leading manufacturer of personal and commercial drones. DJI has released a number of ground-breaking products in recent years, with a focus on usability, fun, and aerial photography. Just recently, the company has announced that it has partnered with videographer […]