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Unmanned Cargo Drone Tested by Aerospace Leader Boeing

Amazon has made headlines over the past year with a big push for unmanned package deliveries using UAV technology, showing the world what the future cold look like with drones being utilized to deliver consumer goods. Their technologies, which are still in development, could completely revolutionize global commerce, making it faster and easier for consumers […]

Understanding the Latest Drone User Testing and Safety Rules

Drone ownership has grown at a phenomenal rate in the last five years, thanks to better affordability and increased accessibility to high quality consumer drones. Companies like DJI are leading the way with high end consumer drones, and there are even more affordable models that sacrifice camera capabilities to come in at an entry level […]

United Kingdom First to Develop a Drone-Proof Jail

Drones have offered significant advantages to mapping companies, surveyors, urban explorers, military operators, and commercial and hobby photographers. However, just like many technological developments, new devices aren’t always used with the best of intentions. A number of prisons in the United Kingdom have discovered that organised crime syndicates have been using drones to smuggle contraband […]