FAA Seeking Partners to Help Control Drone Air Traffic

The United States Federal Aviation Authority is looking for new contract partners that can help in the processing of airspace authorization for private drone pilots. Through the LAANC (Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability) initiative, private drone operators will now be able to gain access to controlled airspace with the right authorization.

This could open up private airspace to small industries, including logistics companies that want to use drones for goods pickup and delivery.

LAANC has not been fully implemented across the United States, and the FAA wants help from private contractors to help make the process faster and more efficient. The FAA will begin a beta program test around the country where it will activate LAANC rules at almost 500 airports around the country.

The current process takes around 5 months to gain approval, and by partnering with private contractors, this time could be gradually reduced while also reducing the resources that the FAA needs to divert to LAANC approval.

The beta test will begin in South Central USA on April 30th, and will be rolled out around the country, with the Central North being the last region in September of this year.

Private operators interested in the program can learn more at the FAA Website.



META: Private drone operators can now gain access to controlled airspace through the FAA LAANC initiative. FAA seeks the help of airspace contractors.


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