Meet the Mavic Air – DJI’s Latest in Drone Technology

The Mavic Air was recently introduced by DJI, the world leader in drone technology. Upping the ante, as usual, DJI’s newest creation is an ultra-portable and foldable camera drone that outdoes every other consumer drone on the market in both performance and intelligent features. The possibilities are endless, and the portability makes it a perfect solution for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Capture the World Like Never Before

The Mavic Air is a worthy addition to the rest of DJI’s Mavic line, this one bringing a 4k camera and superior image quality to the table. Photos taken by the drone can be done with the new Quickshot Mode or the Smart Capture mode to facilitate much more intelligent video capturing. The images and video that you capture with your new drone will be nearly indistinguishable from professional work, and you will be able to see the world from an entirely new perspective.

Hands Off

The Mavic Air comes with Fight Autonomy 2.0, an Advanced Pilot Assistance system that allows for near hands-off operation. If it’s your first drone, or you’re not the best pilot, the Mavic Air will be able to compensate and provide a much smoother flight experience. Whether you’re an experienced drone pilot, a raw beginner, or an intermediate, you can enjoy the advanced functionality provided by this amazing piece of equipment and you can set out on an incredible journey of exploration.

Portability and Power – The Two Most Important Elements

We mentioned that it’s a folding model and it also weighs just 430 grams. This makes it the most portable drone ever created by DJI and perhaps one of the most portable on the market. Folding arms and propellers sit flush against the frame, making it the size of a smartphone when folded completely. Carry it in your luggage, a carry-on bag, or even in your glove compartment; it can go with you anywhere, making it a perfect tool for the on-the-go photographer.

Designed for Maximum Performance

The Mavic Air is fully designed for the best performance in the drone industry starting with the recessed three-axis mechanical gimbal. This innovation reduces vibration and ensures steadier shots – you’ll capture the landscape in amazing, beautiful detail. The powerful camera with the equivalent of a 24mm F2.8 lens will render high quality photos that you won’t believe you’re able to capture yourself!

Capture Images at Any Time of Day

The 12-megapixel camera brings new HDR algorithms to the table that are responsible for preserving low light details which means you can capture images from sunrise all the way to sunset. In addition to that it can shoot 1080p slow-motion video at 120 fps which means no more blurry motion photographs regardless of the height you’re shooting at or the speed of the scene.

High Capacity Storage

Storage space has always been a bit of a problem when it comes to drones, but the Mavic Air takes a huge bite out of this issue by providing 8 GB of onboard storage. You can save photos and videos right to the drone, and you can even use a micro SD card for more storage capacity. Photo transfer has never been easier or faster, especially with the USB-C Port.

Facilitating a Safer Flight

Optimized algorithms used within the Mavic Air ensure that it has a much smarter, much a safer flight as it navigates countless obstacles and terrain. The Flight Autonomy 2.0 system is able to construct a 3D map of the environment that it is in to allow for a much better flight performance. With the data that it collects it is able to detect obstacles up to 66 feet away and can fly much more efficiently than other, less expensive drones on the market. Even If you’re an expert pilot, this will give you added peace of mind and reassurance that your investment is going to be protected.

Finally, the Mavic Air has a max fight time of just 21 minutes, but it can fly with stability against winds up to 22 mph at elevations of 16,404 feet above sea level. This drone can go just about anywhere, and it can do nearly anything, making it a worthy investment for photographers and hobbyists alike.

While the Mavic Air can be a little bit pricey at $799, it is well worth it if you are looking for a drone solution that will capture the perfect image while resisting the rough conditions that would pose a major problem for lesser drones. If you’re looking for quality, put your money where it belongs – put it into a Mavic Air.


Meta Description: The Mavic Air is the latest from DJI’s incredible drone line, featuring incredible 4k resolution pictures along with air stability. Find out more about it!

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